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Proof sets lose ground

Margin calls depress gold

Three states consider tax exemptions

Higher gold price not really a profit

Sinking dollar sets stage for gold

Free quarters for new collectors

Low premiums benefit metal buyers

Gold: No way to go but up

Americans always late buying gold?

Gold supply shrinks; prices to rise?

Bitcoin clobbers metals

Mint mistakes: What’s your favorite story?

Quarters sag after state issues

Bullion for quick buck or long-term security?

Viewpoint: Many say Mint prices are excessive

Monetary systems influence future

Gold recall unlikely

Should U.S. Mint be privatized?

Dealers object to Mint price hikes

Put coins in children’s hands

Gold: A rock in life’s storms

Currencies fail, gold doesn ‘t

Fed can’t reach ‘normal’

Cash tight in bullion market

Diamonds as money?

Changing currencies adds business

Gold rises despite obstacles

How high for gold and silver?

Europeans Raise Gold Stakes

ICTA offers map to repeal tax

Who will go broke?

Safer with gold, silver

Trades smash silver

Gold, silver supplies drop

Silver Coins Beat the House

Texas Home for Gold?

Roll Back Sales Taxes

Are Gold Paper Markets at Risk of Failure?

Metal Supplies Tighten

Premiums up as metals drop

Silver Eagle demand falls

Dollar safe until August

Sagging economy, rising gold

Make a deal to get cheaper bullion

Metals ready to jump?

Survey misses gold buyers

Gold passes money test

Gold beats them all

Taxers get more aggressive

Do you own metal or paper?

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