1872-S Liberty Seated Dollar, Good


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This ’72-S Seated Dollar is a rare coin in a rare grade!  Only 9,000 of these were minted and many of those were melted at the terminus of the Seated Dollar series in 1873.  As a result, not many of these S-mint Seated Dollars survive.  Most of those that do are in the middle grade range.  For those wishing to collect the only available S-mint Motto Type Seated Dollar in an affordable low grade, this is your coin!  (Only a handful of ’70-S Dollars exist and those come up for sale rarely; and starting in the six-figure price range. The ’73-S coins were minted, but all are believed to have been melted.)

This coin has nice, even wear.  There are a few light scratches on the obverse and a few tiny rim bruises on the reverse; but these issues are minor and commensurate with the grade.  It is a great coin for a low grade Seated Dollar collection or budget S-Mint Type set.

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