1883 $10.00 Liberty, MS-63, NGC


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If you want a distinctive piece of US Gold, BUY THIS COIN!  Here are its selling points:

  1. It is beautiful.  Great, fresh looking luster; it is very nice for the grade.
  2. It is rare!  There are only 247 specimens of this coin graded MS-63 and only 6 coins higher; All of which are graded MS-64!  By contrast the common date 1901-S $10.00 has a MS-63 Population of 11,189 coins and 10,418 graded higher.
  3. It is a great price!  Its selling price of $1,575.00 is a substantial discount to the PCGS retail price of  $2,200.00.  You can buy this coin which is 45 times as rare as the 1901-S $10.00 for less than double the price!

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