United States $20.00 Liberty, Brilliant Uncirculated

Financial Backbone of the U.S.

The $20.00 Liberty Gold, Type III (1877-1907), or double eagle coin was produced in large quantities during the late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century as backing for the U.S. economy. Since $20.00 was a large amount of money in the late 1800’s, and most citizens had grown accustomed to spending paper money, few of these large U.S. Gold coins ever circulated. Most were held in banks as reserves or exported to Europe and South America to settle trade balances. As reserve coinage, very many of these later date Twenties were held in vaults for decades. Large quantities of the type III Twenty Liberties still exist today and are continually repatriated from Europe. Premiums on the $20.00 Liberties are higher than for modern bullion coins, but still quite reasonable at under 20%. For the price, you receive a beautiful, lustrous, never-circulated gold coin over 100 years old! These coins are popular among Americans wishing to own pre-1933 dated gold at an inexpensive price. These coins have a great combination of beauty and historic significance for a gold bullion product.

If you are interested in purchasing United States $20.00 Liberties, please call one of our traders at 800-527-2375 for up to the minute pricing information. Liberty Coins sells nice, Brilliant Uncirculated $20.00 Liberties and Extremely Fine condition coins at slightly lower prices. We also have a stock of scarcer, collectible $20.00 Gold coins as well. For price indications, refer to our Daily Quotes Price Page.

U.S. 20.00 Liberty Specifications:

Size: 0.9675 Ounces
Denomination: 20 Dollars
Gross Weight: 33.436 grams, 1.0751 oz. Troy
Actual Gold Weight: 30.08 grams, 0.9675 oz. Troy
Fineness/Composition: .900 Gold, 21.6 Karat
Diameter: 34.00 MM, 1.338 Inches
Thickness: 2.4 MM, 0.094 Inches
Specific Gravity: 17.17

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