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Welcome to the Liberty Coin Service Learning Center!  Our objective is to provide you with content that will encourage you to embrace the hobby of Coin Collecting.  Some of this content you won’t find anywhere else! We hope that you find these articles engaging, informative, and entertaining.  More specifically, we hope to provide you with the following valuable information:

    • Brief introductions to different United States and Foreign Coin Series with emphasis on the historic backgrounds of those coins.
    • New and Unique ideas on different ways you can collect coins.
    • Tips on how to assemble a collection of coins.
    • Detailed and informative collector checklists to assist you in assembling your collection – Some are Found Only Here at Liberty Coins!
    • Fun and interesting facts about coins.
    • Additional resources to help advance your knowledge about coins.
    • The entertainment value of pairing coin collecting with historic literature.
    • The value you will receive from the hobby of coin collecting.

Please feel free to browse these articles with coin collecting ideas at your leisure.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Cents Half Dollars
Two and Three Cents Dollars
Nickels Commemorative Coins
Half Dimes and Dimes World Coins

How to Collect Coins on a Budget

How to Collect United States Type Coins

How to Collect Native American Themed US Coins


How to Collect Large Cents

How to Collect Flying Eagle and Indian Cents                    How to Collect Lincoln Cents

Two and Three Cents

How to Collect Two Cents

How to Collect Three Cent Nickels                                       How to Collect Three Cent Silvers


How to Collect Shield Nickels                                                    How to Collect Liberty Nickels

 How to Collect Buffalo Nickels                                                 How to Collect Jefferson Nickels

Half Dimes and Dimes

How to Collect Half Dimes                                                    How to Collect Liberty Seated Dimes

How to Collect Barber Dimes                                                     How to Collect Mercury Dimes

How to Collect Roosevelt Dimes


How to Collect Liberty Seated Quarters                                   How to Collect Barber Quarters 

How to Collect Standing Liberty Quarters                           How to Collect Washington Quarters 

How to Collect America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Silver Quarters

Half Dollars

How to Collect Liberty Seated Half Dollars                How to Collect Walking Liberty Half Dollars

How to Collect Franklin Half Dollars                                       How to Collect Kennedy Half Dollars


How to Collect Liberty Seated Dollars                                               How to Collect Trade Dollars

How to Collect Morgan Dollars                                                           How to Collect Peace Dollars

Commemorative Coins

How to Collect Classic Commemorative Coins

How to Collect Modern Commemorative Coins

World Coins

How to Collect Canadian Dollars

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