1836, circa, Houck’s Panacea, Baltimore, Counterstamp on Bolivia 2 Reales, 1777-PTS, VG


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Here is a rare and desirable Houck’s Panacea counterstamped coin.  The Host coin is a 1777 Bolivia 2 Reales from the Potosi Mint.  This is interesting in that most of Houck’s Counterstamps are found on Bust Half Dollars and a smaller number on smaller U.S. Coins.  Very few of these stamps are known on foreign coins.  It is also interesting to note that this counterstamp was produced on a 1777 2 Reale, which was found in circulation in Houck’s time (1836).  Foreign coinage still circulated freely in the United States in the 1830’s.

The counterstamp, though weak, in in the unmistakable tombstone shape that Houck’s pieces are found.  Upon close inspection, the details “Houck’s/ Panacea/ Baltimore are apparent.

Houck was a dealer in a miracle elixir that was reported to cure a legion of ailments.  Houck claimed the potion was comprised predominantly of ‘vegetable matter’; though one of its main ingredients was Rye Whiskey!

Though not pristine for condition, this is a truly rare and unusual piece worthy of serious consideration!

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