1872 Ulysses S. Grant/Henry Wilson Ferrotype Campaign Button, USG-1872-17


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When we searched auction records, we only found two sales—in December, 2005 for $1,075 and September, 2019 for $1,625 (the latter being in nicer condition).
Jugate refers to side-by-side photographs. On the obverse of this silvered brass shell Grant’s military portrait is at the left and Wilson’s at the right. The texts of “Gen U.
S. Grant” and “Henry Wilson” are superimposed at the bottom of their images. Above them is a spread eagle. Below them is aUnion shield that bears the word “For”
with “President” under Grant and “Vice Pres” under Wilson. The reverse features a bust of Grant with the text “U. S. Grant For President.” This piece was almost certainly carried as a
pocket piece for a time as the silvering at the bottom of Grant’s bust and in his hair is partially worn off. We found a comparable quality example that sold in auction in December 2005 for
$1,075 and a higher grade specimen that auctioned in September 2019 for $1,625.

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