1878 Morgan Silver Dollar, 7TF, Reverse of ’78, mounted in Buick Encasement, BU


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Here is a wonderful, absolutely pristine example of this Buick Encased Silver Dollar!  In fact, it is still in its original presentation case and possibly never even removed from it.

The Buick presentation encased dollars are very interesting.  Encasements for large coins are scarce; though the Buick encasements are probably the most common type.

It has been generally cited that these encased Dollars were made around 1940 and distributed at the New York World’s Fair at that time.  However, there are a few different types of these encasements, and they may be from different time periods.  There is a type with the ‘Red Curtice” name  that is actually dated 1940.  The Specimen listed here is not dated and does not have the Red Curtis name.  The obverse of the encasement reads “You Can Bet A Million” “Its the Best Buick Yet”.  The reverse reads “When Better Automobiles Are Built Buick Will Build Them”.  The font style is slightly thicker than the “Red Curtice” specimens.  There is also a third General Motors Encasement that is extremely rare dated 1955 that is similar in style to the present piece.  Also, one writer has thought that the type offered here was distributed around 1955-1956.  Source:The E-Sylum: Volume 21, Number 5, February 4, 2018, Article 20.  It is also interesting that this piece is accompanied with a business card of Mr. Ivan L. Wiles, Vice President, General Motors Corporation, General Manager, Buick Motor Division.  On the back of his business card is inscribed ” This will give you a good idea of what we think about the 1956 outlook – Ivan L Wiles”  The card and the encasement seem to be related, so it is quite possible that these pieces date to that 1955-56 era.

General Motors Corporation was at its zenith in 1955.  That year it was the first US Company to report profits of 1 billion dollars!  That would be nearly 10 billion dollars in 2019 equivalent.

This is the nicest specimen of several that I have seen and as such I feel it is worth a premium.

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