1890’s Hartford, Connecticut Souvenir Spoon, The Charter Oak


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This Souvenir spoon pays tribute to the famous “Charter Oak”; so-called because citizens of Connecticut hid the English Royal Charter for the territory inside the tree to prevent Governor General Sir Edmund Andros from taking possession of the Charter in a bid to consolidate control over the Crown territories in New England.  The Oak was already hundreds of years old by then and had been a landmark of Native Americans for a long time before it first came to Westerners’ attention around 1614.  The Oak was felled in a severe thunderstorm on August 21, 1856.

The souvenir spoon here has the dates ‘1687’ and ‘1856’ to commemorate those dates.  The spoon itself was produced by the Whiting Division of the Gorham Silver Company.  The pattern is Louis XV; first patented by Gorham in 1891. It weighs 21.3 grams.

The Charter Oak has been featured on two US coins:  the 1935 Connecticut Tercentary Half Dollar and the 1999 Connecticut Statehood Quarter.

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