1908 Colonel Jack United States Walking Tour Medal, VF, Holed


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This medal is a fascinating memento of the 9000 mile walking tour accomplished by John Albert Krohn (1873-1956) under the pseudonym Colonel Jack.  He embarked on his journey to walk the outline of the United States’ border in under 400 days on July 29 ? 1908.  He started in Portland, Maine and walked first around the northern border of the U.S.  He had some money to pay for his trip from friends and also sustained himself through the sale of these aluminum tokens to memento seekers he met along the way and in kind care from people he met along the way.  Once he crossed the Northern border of the U.S., he turned south into Oregon and then California.  He headed back east through Arizona and Texas, then through the South and up the Eastern seaboard.  He arrived back in Portland, Maine on July, 21 1909; 357 days after he left – beating his goal by 43 days.  During his entire trip he pushed a wheelbarrow with a pyramid on it called the ‘Sphinx’ .  The souvenir medal shows Colonel Jack walking his wheelbarrow on the reverse.  During his trip he covered 9,024 miles and visited over 1,200 cities.  Truly a remarkable feat!

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