(1961) Set of 3 Confederate States of America Bashlow Restrike with Defaced Dies, MS67 NGC


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In 1862, Robert Lovett, Jr of Philadelphia created the dies for a Confederate States of America copper-nickel one cent coin, of which perhaps 12 specimens were ever struck. The dies survived the war intact. In 1874, an entrepreneur named Haseltine had small quantities restruck from these dies in different metals (gold, silver, and copper). After these were struck, the dies were defaced, most prominently on the reverse. In 1961, another entrepreneur named Bashlow had more restrikes produced using the defaced dies. They were produced in 10 different types of metals plus in red fiber. Of the Bashlow issues, only the silver (5,000), “goldline” (5,000), and copper (20,000) versions had mintages above 50 pieces.


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