Ancient Rome, 217-218 AD, Macrinus, AR Denarius, XF, NGC


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This is a scarce Denarius issued by Macrinus as Augustus in 217-218 AD.   Macrinus’ reign was short and curious.  He was the first emperor to not have been a member of the senate.  While emperor, he never set foot in the city of Rome!  He spent his entire reign in the Eastern Empire campaigning against the Parthians.  His distance from Rome and the existence of  Severan Julia Maesa proved to be Macrinus’ demise.  Support for the rival Elagabalus, grandson of Julia Maesa gained traction and he eventually won out as emperor of Rome.  Macrinus and his son Diadumedian were executed in 218 and Elagabalus became emperor of Rome.  The Senate damned the memory of Macrinus and subsequently many of his coins were destroyed; making them even scarcer.

This coin has an attractive and distinctive portrait of Macrinus.

Obverse:  IMP C M OPEL SEV MACRINVS AVG.  Laureate, cuirassed bust of Macrinus right.

Reverse: FIDES MILITVM.   Fides standing.

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