Austria, 1671 Leopold I (the Hogmouth,1657-1705), 3 Kreuzer, EF


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This is a wonderful, well struck Leopold I portrait in miniature.  It has attractive original toning with hints of luster underlying.  Struck at the Hall Mint.  KM#1245.

Leopold was an interesting character.  He was Holy Roman Emperor and patriarch of the Eastern branch of the Hapsburg family.  He was also, perhaps the principal nemesis of Louis XIV of France (the Sun King).  Their reigns overlapped for decades and the two were involved in three wars.  The last was the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714) which was significant in molding the structure of Europe for the next 75 years.  He also battled the Porte (Ottoman Empire) successfully early in his reign, which is significant as the beginning of a long period of cession of territories by the Ottoman Empire gained at their zenith a century earlier.

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