Ancient Indo-Scythians, (35BC-5AD), Azes II, AR Drachm, Very Fine


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Is this the coin issued by one of the Three Wise Men who visited the baby Jesus?  Nobody knows for sure if he was since the Gospel of Matthew (which is the origin of the Visit lore) is not specific on the visitors that Jesus received.  There is some conjecture, however, that Azes II could have been one of the Three Wise Men to visit baby Jesus if, in fact, such a visit occurred.  He reigned at the correct time to have made such a visit.  The coin featured here depicts him riding on horseback, chasing a star.  While this offers no proof that Azes II did make this historic journey; it does appear similar to the account we have become accustomed to over the centuries.

Coin Description:

Obverse: King on Horseback following a star

Reverse: Goddess Athena holding spear & shield

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