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“Keep your money, passport, cellular phone, and other essentials safe from pickpockets”, using our Hidden Waist Travel Wallet with anti RFID Scanning Technology.

The RFID blocking Technology prevents thieves from scanning your ATM, Credit Card, Drivers License, and Passport Chips. RFID chips are in almost ever major Credit Card and contain your sensitive personal Identity information. Thieves can use easily obtainable instruments to scan your cards. You won’t even realize your information has been stolen until your Money starts disappearing from your accounts, they don’t even have to touch you.

Our Secure Travel Wallet features a slimline design with breathable 210D ripstop Nylon, reducing the potential for damage to the fabric. The YKK zippers are high quality allowing for smooth opening and closing. The cash pocket is Water and Sweat Proof. Also includes a head phone wire access point.

Simply put the wallet under your shirt or inside the waist of your pants attaching the sturdy clip ends together with the adjustable elastic belt for a comfortable secure fit.


Length 11″  Width 5.5″ Thickness empty .5″.

Weighs 3 ounces.

Fits Phones up to 6″ long by 3 1/2″ wide.

Fits waists from 25″ – Approximately 50″



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