Venezuela, Caracas, 1818-BS 2 Reales, Lion Upper Left, Fine-15, NGC


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This is a rare and interesting type coin!  These coins were struck under the authority of Royalist forces controlling the city of Caracas before its capture by Bolivar in 1821.  The coins are rather crudely made and have a character of such coins that were made in times of duress.  The obverse design is reminiscent of the old pillar  or columnario type coinage.  The coins reverse bears a cross with a lion in the left corner and a castle to the right, with alternating castle and lion below.  the obverse also bears the abbreviation ‘F7’ which denotes the coins fineness (70% Pure).

The 2 Reale is the most common of the three denominations of this design.  They are highly popular and usually experience spirited bidding when they appear in auctions.

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