50 Gram Valcambi Combibar

Divisibility at an Affordable Price

As political and financial unrest have grown over the last several years, more people are buying gold for a safety measure in the event of an economic collapse. The rationale is to have gold that can be used as a currency. Most gold coins are large enough to be impractical for use in everyday transactions. Smaller gold bars, like the one gram size pieces usually trade at high premiums over their intrinsic value. Enter the Valcambi Combibar. The Combibar is a 50 gram bar of gold that is scored into 1 gram increments that could easily be removed and used as a small increment of gold if necessary. The Combibar sells for less than a 10% premium, which is far cheaper than purchasing individual one gram gold bars. If you are concerned about having small units of gold that could potentially be used for everyday transactions, the Valcambi Combibar is well worth your consideration.

If you are interested in purchasing Valcambi Combibar, please call one of our traders at 800-527-2375 for up to the minute pricing information. For price indications, refer to our Daily Quotes Price Page.

Valcambi Combibar Specifications:

Size: 50 Grams
Denomination: None
Gross Weight: 50.00 grams, 1.607 oz. Troy
Actual Gold Weight: 50.00 grams, 1.607 oz. Troy
Fineness/Composition: .9999 Gold, 24 Karat
Dimensions: 74.0 MM X 52.5 MM, 2.91 X 2.07 Inches
Thickness: 0.85 MM, .033 Inches
Specific Gravity: 19.32

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